Custom Solutions

We get a kick out of knowing that we have helped businesses around the country (even if it's in a small way) during these challenging times, whether it be through our ready made Economy or Premium range sneeze guards or a custom solution that's tailored specifically for their needs.

Shop Shield offers custom made perspex screens that are suitable for offices, restaurants, bars, gyms, retail stores, pharmacies, hair & nail salons and any other premises that wish to protect their staff and customers.

Custom Office Solution

Our custom made protective screens for offices and social distancing stickers provide the protection your staff need whilst reminding them about the importance of keeping up good hygiene and social distancing at work. 

  • Safety Zone 1.5 m reminder floor decals
  • Side partition screens (can be drilled or clamped secured)
  • Rear partition screens (can be drilled or clamped secured)
  • Sanitation reminder stickers installed throughout office space and automatic hand sanitiser stations positioned at entrance ways 

Custom Gym Solution

Our custom made protective screens for gyms and social distancing stickers provide the protection (and peace of mind) your customers need when venturing back into the gyms.

Our screens have been created with protection and privacy in mind, whilst making sure that the gym experience is not effected.

  • Screens to be placed in between gym equipment to reduce the risk of viral transmission
  • Made of light weight corrugated polycarbonate or clear perspex, our screens provide a protective barrier as well as privacy for customers
  • Screens available in clear or tinted perspex
  • Secured with a dual flat stand base our screens can be easily moved and rearranged as needed (no drilling is required)
  • Standard Screen dimensions:
    120cm (w) x 200cm (h)  
  • Custom sizes and branding options available

We also offer a Free Shop Shield "COVID-19 Business Protection Assessment" where a local consultant comes out to your business to help you identify any potential risk factors as well as take you through our range of solutions to help you become a COVID Safe Business.

As well as protective screens we also provide businesses with automatic hand sanitiser stations, social distancing collateral and stickers to help continue the message of practising good hygiene and social distancing. 

Reach out to us today on hello@shopshield.com.au or 0487 003 441 to learn more about our custom solutions and to organise your Free Shop Shield "COVID-19 Business Protection Assessment."